Opinions on my first ETF pie

Can you guys give me your opinions on this pie as i want to invest roughly £50 a month into it but i’m not sure if its good or needs changing. Any help is welcome and thanks in advance!

Pie I would like opinions on!

We always say there’s no point investing in technology separately since there’s so much exposure to it already eg S&P500. Unless you’re extremely bullish on it of course. But if you’re looking to diversify that’s a really tech heavy portfolio
And also, my own opinion, but bonds are more of a wealth preserver than builder. Depending on your time horizon I would leave them out. But just my opinion…

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Nice I didn’t know you could share them. (I havent actually made a pie yet)

Anyway a yes to IITU and EQQQ those are two solid picks.

VUSA / IUSA is good but not as good as sticking with the top 100, and the tech ones.

I would also add in Gold SGLN.

Bonds as @cavanhagan mentioned I wouldn’t touch personally.

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Oh and before I got kicked off Freetrade I used to make threads like this which looked at historic performance on the ETFs they had at the time.

I should add I have zero ETFs in my portfolio.

And this was pre Covid

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