Rate my pie - very new


I’ve really appreciate any insight into my first ETF pie. I am VERY new to trading and want to set up a pie that I won’t be touching for a very very long time.

Any thoughts are welcome! Thanks :pie:1 2

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Is there a reason you have put in individual stocks in there? Asking because you said it would be a pie with ETFs only

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To me, the 3 seem like very strong companies and thought it would be good to have them in there with very low % share. What are your views?

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See I don’t want to discourage you in any way. But to me (a newbie) it feels like you don’t have a definite strategy in mind. There is a reason why I am saying this, hear me out. So people pick ETFs mainly because picking stocks is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also picking stocks is time consuming and labour intensive ( I am assuming when you pick stocks you do the due diligence of researching the companies, for e.g. going through their balance sheets, future prospects, etc etc). So people go for ETFs because it simplifies the job of picking stocks/bonds/funds/commodities and diversifies your risks.

Now coming back to your pie, you have already picked three ETFs where AAPL has a major share of the ETF. So you are quite well invested in the company Apple. However, you have further gone with purchasing individual AAPL shares in addition to that - and this confuses me. Same with Tesla.

It does not end here, you have also picked dividend etfs and growth etfs. It feels like you were not sure which one would be best strategy for you.

The only common thing in your portfolio is that all these ETFs and stocks are VERY WELL known. So probably you thought since you have heard about the companies/etfs from other influencers they must be good.

In conclusion, this is not to discourage you in any way. This is what I felt when I looked in your portfolio. And this is only one person’s opinion (also I am a nobody, so 99% of what I said might be wrong). Please don’t mind and you have a nice day.

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I appreciate the response, truly! I agree with what you’re saying too but obviously still have a lot to learn. I like the idea of having a growth/ETF portfolio and a dividend portfolio too and keep them separate. Ultimately I want to withdraw my money in 30/40 years, but having payouts throughout the year would be nice too.

I think I sell my apple shares and keep them as part of the ETFs. and then rebalance the current pie as a growth one, and create a new dividend one.

Thanks so much for taking the time to response, it means a lot :slight_smile:

Consider to put dividend funds/ETFs inside the ISA from now, or one day after 2k CGT on dividends you need to pay high taxes.

A quick critique from me: I’m not a fan of what I think of as a hodgepodge collection of ETFs. To my mind, this undermines the point of passive investing which is to track the market.

As John Bogle wrote in 2007, the typical ETF investor has no idea what relationship his or her investment return will bear to the return earned by the stock market.

For me, you’d be better off with a handful of ETFs such as VWRL, VUSA and EQQQ. Alternatively, you could take a more active approach and given your goal is to target growth and income, you could do a lot worse than holding a combination of ITs like SMT and SAIN.

It’s just my 2p worth though.

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