Option trading?

“Sigh… this feels like high school debate team dejavu.” ok listen you look like a teenager and saying things like that only makes you sound like one, I thanked you for your incite and instead of seeing that you replied back like a smart ass, no need for it… And nothing you’ve said is an actual argument against why the platform shouldn’t add options or why an adult with there own money should learn how to use it.

Regarding the Youtube vid you referenced, I make my point again… if I wanted to know about a subject, I would consult people who have worked professionally in that area… people I dare say who have a provable track record. And as best I can gather this guy has none of that., I may as well listen to him give a talk on how to make a dining table from oak, his professional expertise as a wood worker are about as provable as his understand of trading and financial markets.

The trading and investment industry is packed full of charlatans and con artists… why would you refer people to watch videos by one of them?

Anyway… back to the real world

I think the more services Trading 212 offers, the better. Options trading is not a niche thing, it’s rather popular in America but absent in the UK. Trading 212 could mop up the UK market if they offered it.

Frankly, I don’t see what the argument against it is. If you don’t like options trading, then don’t do it, but don’t argue against it just because you don’t like it


Best lines on this thread. :+1:t2:


Ok. either I don’t know what incite means or thanking for it is not necessarily a positive thing.

I’m decades away from my teenage years but I sincerely hope there is someone even younger than that inside me.

On another note I abhor profanity on any level especially behind a keyboard.

My only argument was against the notion that “options are not risky because they are hedging tools” and on a different post not even as a reply to you I recommended that guys videos for basics.

and you countered the option argument by saying “this guy has a book on TA on penny stocks” :man_shrugging:

But this is getting way too side tracked, so I’m gonna stop posting. People now think I’m against options, while I have over £200k uncovered option volume just this FY on tasty.

Good luck

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Hey, do you have plans to add the options trading with in the next year, or sooner?
It would be a very nice feature.