Out of interest

Opened CISA 26 May and transferred uninvested cash from S&SISA to CISA.
A day’s interest (26th) seems to have been forfeited (pics).
Not important as amount is hyper-trivial.
I’m just interested as to why: I contacted support, who told me the 27th is the 26th payment, which has resulted in a head-ache brought on by calendrical-confusion.



£56p to the person who can repair the rip in the time-continuum…


Yes I found that interest is credited 10pm daily on S&S ISA and 1am for cash ISA so you do get every day it’s just timing on different products. So the credit on the 27th May on the Cisa would have been dated 26th on S&S but just couple hours apart. I’ll have half a mars bar please :nerd_face:

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Aren’t they £29.99 now?
I’m going to need a longer horizon…

So, if the 27th is the 26th, a day and a 56p payment for the actual 27th has been vapourised then?
I don’t think I’m very bright.