P/L should include overnight funding and interest (CFD)

Tldr: please subtract the interest and other fees linked to a position directly to the position’s P/L so the net P/L is clean.

Many might not know this and newbie investors will not know it for sure, but when you open a position, the P/L does not include the interest of your margin loan and there is no way to see the expenses of a position in one place.

The interest is deducted from your account value instead of added to your position P/L, this is confusing as you might have a +2k profit, but if overnight (weekend) interest is 4,7k, you will not know that in fact you have lost money.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

PS: do this to the P/L result as well, it is confusing when you think you made 250k, but you had 75k of “hidden” interest deducted from your account. This is not whining about high fees/interest, just make it more transparent, please.


IMO investors shouldn’t trade CFDs.

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The amount visible in your account is always the net profit or net loss in order to be transparent as much as possible. In that way, you always receive the amount your see displayed in the Result tab.

For your convenience, we have made a separate Report tab so you can keep track of your SWAP records.

You can check out this article for more information on how the SWAP is applied.

That is what I thought it would be (as it was on the other platform I used many years ago), but I explicitly asked this on support on friday and they said, that the P/L (reports-result tab) is excluding the interest (reports-interest tab) so my net P/L = Result - Interest.

I will check this thing later today again, but I am pretty sure that my CFD account value on friday (before due interest) was lower of the paid interest and the P/L (total and individual positions) remained the same.


I have checked your case thoroughly, and I see where your confusion comes from.

The Reports/Result tab on your phone always displays the net result of your positions.

However, at the same time, you pay the Interest (SWAP) fee displayed in the Reports/Interest tab, which is not included in the amount shown in the Result tab.

I think this is the issue that the OP is posting. There isn’t a clear way of telling how much interest has actually been incurred on a single position (whether opened or closed) without doing the maths yourself.

Since the reporting doesn’t allow traders to filter by dates and by trades, Daily Statement only gives a per day breakdown, and there is no export function, this is where I would say the lack of transparency is.

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Yes, what @ShaunnyBwoy said is correct, @Hris.M in line with your reply.

Having this implemented would be really nice, as the fees+interest can be fairly high, then you can adjust your take profit/stop loss accordingly.

Especially with instruments like gold (XAUUSD) if you want to hold a bigger position for a couple of days (and the weekend!!!) it gets really really expensive.

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Yes ! I completely agree 100%
Could this by any chance be changed ?