Make CFD swap fee more visible

Please make the calculated CFD swap fees visible as they are constantly changing. I know the fee for one single share is available in the instrument details.

It would be better if the current nightly fee calculated for all shares in your position is displayed too. Perhaps put them here on the web app:

Not sure where it could go on the phone app as there’s less screen real estate, but I’m sure your designers could come up with something.

Tesla fee was 0.10 yesterday. Now it’s 0.11 - a 10% increase even though the share price is going down.

I’m just getting flashbacks to when the fee for NKLA suddenly went up to €1.30 per share. If this information isn’t easily accessible it could cost you a tonne of money in overnight fees.

Second feature suggestion: Another column for total fees paid would would help in managing trades that are longer than a day. You might think you’re in €50 profit after a week of holding NKLA but if you can see that you’ve spent €60 in fees already and it’s climbing faster than the profit then maybe it’s time to get out. Again I’m using the extreme case of NKLA but you get my drift.

I’m sure other CFD users would appreciate this @obrienciaran @Supraman @Hectares @chantal and I don’t know who else.


Yes I would appreciate this feature.

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The fees paid is available in the ‘interest’ section on the CFD platform under 'reports. But yes it would be nice to see a running total beside each holding similar to the feature where you’re showing the foreign exchange gain or loss.

Yes to having the fee shown too.