Palantir&Asana Share Price

Hi, I would like to know if Palantir&Asana share price will go up in coming weeks or months. It dropped tremendously lower then its launch price.
Any suggestions for new IPO’s to invest.

I think everyone would like to know that answer. :sweat_smile:

As for today both stocks are going to take a beating, even more so that US markets are all bloody and trump has covid.

PLTR currently dipping into 8s pre market

This was not an IPO, it was a direct listing. This meant that Palantir was not looking to raise any money but just to allow existing shareholder before the listing to have the option to sell, this is why there was not a significant increase in the stock price relative to hyped IPOs. The existing shareholders probably had a very low-cost average, therefore, it makes sense for them to take profits. I unfortunately cannot give you any sort of time

The average share price was about ~$4.5 so they have done nicely with a double.

Makes sense…what are your thoughts about Asana?

Oh I haven’t really looked at it in detail to make a judgement.

Probably should I use Asana all the time for work. It’s quite useful but basically a fancy todo list :sweat_smile: