Can we make market orders for Palantir and Asana already?


I see that Palantir and Asana are both already listed in Trading 212. Can we make orders for them already? What happens if make some orders now, will they go through as soon as they go live on the exchange?




They were not launched yet for the ordinary people.

That functionality doesn’t exist yet but is being worked on. Currently in ISA/Invest, if you try to place an order it will just be rejected. Need to wait until trading begins. Or at least until a price is applied to the instrument.

@Rygel, these aren’t IPOs, they are Direct Listings, so I don’t think we’ll have to wait for anything once they are live. If anything this might be a bit like dealing in an AIM stock where you need to have enough sellers in the market to cater for all the buyers.

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What is your advisable limit buy price for Asana and Palantir?

Well, as I said, you can’t place one until a price is applied.

I’ve heard that the PLTR price will be $11.50, but again, I don’t know how DLs work and how quickly this may change once live.

I think we’re all going to be learning together on this one.

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Any update on the exact timing they are supposed to go live since it seems that we can’t place orders until that exact moment?

You just have to keep checking back.

Is that $11.50 from this ?

Share Price $4.17-11.50

Either way annoying can’t put a limit in like other brokers.

Just get “maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0” whilst it should be a bit more friendly, and less like a robot “This instrument is not yet tradable”

so the big Q will this magically start at 2:30pm (UK) ?

Somebody on the internet must know, hopefully the person who says yep its ready knows.

A lot of stocktwits puting in limits atm around $8, seen $7.25 and $7.50. Wall Street Journal reckons $10

Webull has 7.25 as a placeholder,price%20of%20%247.25%20per%20share.

Is this graph saying it should be about $5-10 based on internal trades? Obviously once it goes live fomo could drive it high. This is where you buy at $10 and it either goes to $20 or drops to $5 :grimacing:

Definitely FOMOing on this one myself. Hopefully we can buy immediately on the CFD side similar to what happened with Snowflake. When it becomes open to retailers then at a hopefully higher price, a tasty profit could be made.

I have exactly £250 I’m willing to spin the wheel with on this one. :rofl:

Could fall to £125 or go to £500. Exciting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do we have 10mins to go? :thinking:

Got my info from an IPO-specific YT account, not sure of their source but he’s pretty thorough.

In terms of trading open time, no idea. The last Direct Listing I know of is Slack (WORK) and that started trading between 17:00 and 18:00 GMT.

Likely one of those things that has no reason nor rhyme.

A few responses on ST seems to think a 2hr delay around 12:15pm ET so thats 4:15pm (gmt)

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Perfect… right around the time I pick me daughter up from nursery… :expressionless:

Your priorities are in the wrong place. YOLO your child’s savings on it.


Hey @Joey_Fantana just wire me a few thou’, I’ll take care of that.


Careful who you say that to on here… they’ll bloody do it!! :wink:

so im seeing $10.25 in T212, cant buy though

Edit: someone is saying in 15mins it could be ready…

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I bought at 10.25