Partnership Withholding under IRC Sec. 1446(f)

I just (we all) got the email about PTP and 10% taxes. I am not sure that I fully understand the whole thing… What are PTP really and how do I check if any of my holdings is a PTP?

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t received an email, but I don’t hold PTPs.

They’re a bit like a private company that raises cash by allowing new shares to be traded on the open market, diluting their position, but ultimately the partners remain in control of the’ir’ company, but are then entitled to a smaller share of the profits like a plc.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but there used to be a few tax perks with these and the US are closing the gap.

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You can find some more information on this here: Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTP) Update - December 2022 – Trading 212

There you’ll find a list with affected shares and a link to the IRS-page with more information.

In the trading212 app you’ll see a warning like this on the affected share pages.

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Also more in this topic can be found here:

Thanks for your response, it seems like something very specific that I don’t hold for sure. But I will check the list anyway.

Thanks again!

Edit. I did hold one of those XD

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I dont see the “SELL” button anymore. Only Buy? Can you see it in yours ?

Move it out of the pie.

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See the list published by TR212, with the stocks impacted

Promised you an update, but @Zergui beat me to the punch this time.

Still, as you noticed yesterday from the notification, the IRS’ new Internal Revenue Code Section 1446(f) will become effective on 1st January 2023, and we’ll discontinue offering PTP instruments.

Let us know if you have any questions on the topic.

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If I understood correctly, we will have to sell all these stocks :

  • either manually by ourselves, before 31/12
  • or they will be sold automatically by TR212

@Bibi, you’ll either have to close the position by yourself until market close on the 29th of December, or we’ll instruct a market order on the 30th of December to liquidate it.

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thanks for your confirmation !

Hi, can you confirm if Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM) will be affected please? Thank you.

Guys, i got a message all mlp are being delisted , what happens now and I cant find them in my portfolio, I put in sell orders yesterday, but it seems my stocks are entirely missing.

Hey @poring, NMM is not among the affected instruments. You can find the full list on this page :page_with_curl:

Resolved logged out and logged in and is visible

I have been mostly on the sides since purchasing place to live.

Just doing occasional bet, I cannot find any logical reason to invest in market which is going nowhere but down.

Maybe in 2023, who knows…

I wouldn’t be surprised if we do not see broader highs for extendes period similar to 2000-2008 period.

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@Bogi.H quite upset T212 didnt notify they would cease trading these instruments as soon as the IRA announced the 10% tax, months ago. Neither were we notified about the 10% tax coming into effect on January 2023. I’m sure many people would have avoided making a loss on these stocks

@Srf are you for real?!? You ever heard of do your own research? Why should they have too.


And we were notified. By notification, forum post, T212 help post and emails to every holders of such securities.