Partnership Withholding under IRC Sec. 1446(f)

@Zergui @RobK why tells us only a few weeks before stopping trading? It would have been helpful earlier

Because no final decision had been made before then.

While the proposal dates a few years ago, it was only known a couple months ago it would get enforced this year, and even less how the administrative process would actually work.

IBKR and other brokers also had late announcements on the topic.

But you have received communications on it comfortably before the dead line, and if you paid any attention to your holdings you would be well informed long before.

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Details were known as early as May '22 of the IRS plans, yet many platforms did not notify their clients. In any event, Alerian midstream energy dividend UCITS ETF (PMLP/MMLP) provides exposure to many of the promising north american oil and gas ptp’s, with aprox p/e of 12 and a 5% dividend.

So you just answered your own question. It was known from May so again if you did your own research then you should be aware of this.

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@RobK yes, but many ptp’s are solid investments with good dividends, even if eventually theres a 10% tax on capital sale. We werent told that these assets would be automatically sold at the end of December 22 until mid December 22. Had we been told earlier, it would changed the risk basis, it would have been clear its like a risky option rather than a safe long term investment.

Me too
Unfortunately this is a typical trait with trading 212 this is how they behave.
They feel that they have the right to go into your portfolio and sell stocks without your consent.

Is 10% withholding tax does not make it illegal to hold those stocks in the UK and therefore on that basis trading 212 should not be denying you the right to purchase those stocks and certainly should not be selling your holdings

I am still waiting for an explanation