PDD stock - Hmmm

Any thought’s on PDD (Pindoduo) stock.

Im finding this very, very intresting.
Not only for the short term, but most importantly the long term. Great management team. Good figures on earnings. Really solid growth. “Decent” price.

Ive only got US companies, i deffently wanna get some exposure to Chinese stocks, and this may just be the very first one i go for on Monday.

I hold PDD along with BABA, JD, SE, MELI in e-commerce sector.

Usually the problem with these companies that grow enormously is the valuation. I cannot say much about whether the current valuation is fair but it is important to note that the company became profitable in the latest quarter.

Depending on the risk appetite one can prefer BABA and JD over PDD as safer investments, especially with the recent price drop of BABA after a great quarterly results.

For those who want to learn more about PDD I can recommend the following article, how they build a product around social commerce is really interesting.