Pending order didn’t buy

Hi all.
New to the site but enjoying it’s easy UI so far.

Wondered if anyone could advise on a situation yesterday where 1 placed pending order didn’t buy, but another did. Annoying as the one that didn’t buy soared but the one that did buy dropped. The only difference I could see it the word ‘stop’ on the stop loss I placed. But the other one stated ‘limit’, even though the settings were the same. I have a screen shot of the pending orders screen if useful.
Many thanks

Remember a stop is just a trigger point for a market order.

A limit will create an order for a specific price, which will only fill if it meets that condition.

I guess the market opened at a higher price than your STOP limit, in that case the order will not execute unless the price goes down again to your stop value.

What’s interesting is that I applied the same stop loss to both pre orders but 1 showed stop and 1 showed limit and no obvious way of changing that.

I’d like to place an order today for the Us markets but want to make sure it actually triggers and buys it. Any ideas welcome?

There is little benefit in placing an order before the market opens, it will execute at the opening price anyway.
Maybe you better wait and place your order when the market opens in 15 minutes.