Trailing Stop Loss for Invest/ISA

Now that you have added Extended Hours Trading, please add TRAILING STOP LOSS for the Invest/Isa accounts as this is the most talked about topic on all the chat programs.

Thank you.


I’m sorry to disappoint you, but as of the moment, this is not something we’re considering. We’ve covered that in another topic recently :point_down:


is there anyway it can be set so that once a certain value that you set is hit a TS can be automaticly set to your desired value


This order type is available in CFD accounts only. Let me shed some light on how it works and how you can set it.

So, the trailing stop loss is activated when the price of the instrument moves in the desired direction and reaches the specified distance from the current price. It automatically adjusts to maintain the set distance as the price moves in your favour. However, if the price reverses and moves against your position or continues to decline until the stop loss level is reached, the trailing stop loss will be triggered, and your position will be closed.

To automatically set a trailing stop once a certain value is reached, you can use a Trailing Stop order. Here are the steps to set it up:

  1. Click on your open position.
  2. Choose the Profit/Loss tab.
  3. Activate the Trailing Stop order and define your desired distance.

HC trailing stop