Pie freez unable to use..annoyed - ✅ Solved

Not too sure how to fix this if trading212 can jump on the computer and help but my pie has frozen at 87% while rebalancing I pressed cancel and now it’s frozen at 87% cancelling I can’t invest I can’t withdraw I can’t rebalance trading212 any help or advice available plz

Hey there @Silenta221,

We’ll take a further look and I’ll get back to you with more information. :slight_smile:

Thank you…
I am quite worried about it as it’s my best performing pie it’s my Ark investment pie so you can imagine how well it’s been doing

It should be set and ready to go, @Silenta221.

We’ve fixed it now! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I will have a look…

Thank you soooooo much.:grin:

And keep up the great work guys.:hugs:

Yup all fixed thanks guys…

A little sigh of relief and a slight forehead wipe.

Thanks again guys

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