Pie Stuck on cancel

I have a similar issue to this thread here

I have a pie that is locked out as it is stuck cancelling.

Can someone please fix this for me.

Many Thanks,


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My own filled automatically rather than cancel so I let it run. It’s currently over 120% up in value so glad I left it alone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah mine is slightly different, I cancelled a withdraw of cash from the pie as one of the sales was taking a considerable time to action. since then the pie has been stuck cancelling meaning i cannot do anything:/

I’ve taken a look at your pie and we’ll need to investigate this further.

I’ll keep you posted once we fix it. :slight_smile: :hammer_and_wrench:


Hi @L.D

Same with me. Pie has been stuck on ‘cancelling’ for a few days so can’t do anything. Is anyone able to help?

Many thanks

Hi guys,

We’re looking into this at the moment. I’d like to thank all of you for the patience while we’re checking the cause of this.

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Is there anyway I can escalate this? It’s been 5 days since T212 were notified and 6 since the issue occurred with no ETA given of when I can expect this to be fixed, it’s not good enough.
Thanks for your help,

We received a number of requests regarding stuck pies, which occurred after our downtime last week and we’re working proactively at the moment on resolving the matter.

While I’m not going to be able to provide an ETA, I can assure you that we’re considering the difficulty in a serious manner and I’ll make sure to update everyone asap.

Thank you everyone once again for your understanding and patience!

Thanks @L.D appreciate you guys looking into it.