Pie & non pie investments mixed together

I do not understand!? I would like to see my investments without the pies or with the pies “collapsed”. It gets to messy to follow if I see my investments and the breakup of pies all together.

Already been requested by multiple forum members.

Not seen any indication from T212 Team that this will ever be incorporated though.

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Move your ‘non pie’ investments into a pie of their own, then you can view the ‘non pie’ investments in a pie.

Oooooo never thought of this! It is a way around. Though each time you make a new investment or add to a existing one you have to add it to the pie.

Then you have the pain of exporting every time you want to sell a share and they are all listed in the investment tab still. But you have the added advantage that you cannot select it in the pie.

  1. More clicking to create a new pie with no function.

  2. Less usability as you cannot interact with shares inside a pie until you export it.

  3. You still have a investment list that shows the entire portfolio that is not much use to organising anything.

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Pies and main investments being mixed together is the only reason I have not yet used the pie feature! Would love @trading212 to address this.


Yes, please add filter


I’ve started making use of the pie system and for an investor with a diversified portfolio, it’s great to be able to organise my investments in pies as a way of categorising them within their sectors. One problem I am finding is that I like to go through my watchlists and make decision on buying/selling on any volatility I see. On my main investment list, I can buy stock, but I cannot sell it, so I have to find the pie it relates to and remove it first. This is a very annoying issue. It could be resolved by keeping the sell option on the main list. Also, it would be nice if my investments in my pies opened with stock details, like they do in the main list. At the moment, clicking on them does nothing. It creates a lot of back and forth between menus just to find information and then buy/sell accordingly.


Highly requested. With all together, its difficult to analyze your investments and keep track of them. I do not want to look at Pies so often as I do for investment. Pies are for very long term while investments are for medium to longer term.

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I literally created a pie to reduce the number of investments I had to look through to find something specific. Why would anyone want them to be intermixed like this? It’s awful!

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Pies are not for normal investing, as they don’t provide the analytics support and create an easy route into ETF type investment strategy, buying into the bad and the good. This is not the way they should be used.

The benefit to pies is being able to build a diversified investment strategy into companies chosen by sector. So a £100 investment along with decent research, could be distributed across various companies by percentage based on their analytics; P/E, growth, target price etc.

A really big benefit of pies is an easy way of balancing long term investments and maintain a profitable portfolio. ie, let’s say I have calculated that company A is worth £20 a share, company B, £10, a 2/1 ratio. I set up a pie with £30 and it matches that ratio so I have a stock of each. Now something changes, stock A is selling for £40 a share and B, £5, a 8/1 ratio. I’m looking at one overvalued that I want to sell, an undervalued I want to buy, So I click ‘rebalance’. The £45 pie value is now distributed at £30/£15 accordingly. I’ve taken some of that profit off the table and reinvested it into undervalued stock, so my portfolio is now healthier for the long term and I can expect more profit than loss.

Still, all of the above requires research into what the stocks are worth and choosing a suitable investment ratio that works for the long term, updating the percentages frequently or when adding a large fund. The pies are limited in that they don’t allow you to open up each stock before investing. You have to go out, find the company, then back in. Quite the drag, which is why I research, prepare and divide up my investments on my desktop. I hope to see 212 improve this feature to provide better stock analytics.

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Just started using Pies and totally agree with a separation function, would be a nice feature to have that we could turn on or off depending on if we want to separate or normal investments and our pie investments. Hoping T212 has plans on adding this in the near future :grin:

Any update on this feature, its annoying have to go through so many stocks in the investment tabs. There should be a way to at least hide the stocks held in a pie.


Any idea when this dream to categorise filter will come through Geroge?

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Perhaps putting the Pie investments only on the Web “new app” and non-Pie investments only on the Web “old app” can be a solution.

Having the all the investments mixed together it’s a pain to do portfolio management.

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Did this happen ?
On my practice account my pie is still mixed with my portfolio.
I would like to do a pie but not prepared to mix it all up together.


the web platform on the new layout has this sorting feature enabled. It should be coming to the mobile apps sometime soon.


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