Pie & non pie investments mixed together

Hi, just set up an investment pie, fantastic, like the idea but the problem i have is in my main screen on the app at the bottom there is 2 categories to the left : investments
to the right :pie. I was hoping my non pie would be separate from my pie investments, but there not, non pie and pie are both in the investment category which is time consuming to try & find my non pie investment, its the same with the main screen circular portfolio indicator, it use to show before the pie my current portfolio invested now it shows the total sum of non pie & pie. Its exhausting to track my non pie investment, especially when the market takes a down turn & it all goes pear shaped, trying to scroll down through a sea of investments pie & non to try to alter my current non pie investments before it goes tits up! Is their anyway to keep my non pie investments just on there own screen and pie only info in the pie section if this makes sense. Kind regards :grin:


Completely agred ! This become difficult. there should be a way to show/Hide Pie and non Pie investments.


I think I would rather have the option to show all, just pie or non pie stocks.
I am aware that others may want pie and non pie amalgamated but for me having the 2 types offers more control for my aims.


I agree with this also. Personally I think there should be some kind of sort/filter to view your investments.


There will be :slightly_smiling_face:


One more vote for tabs manually/pies/all and filtering/searching by company name.

Also would be nice to have a pie graph when the pie is selected (below pie value section)

Great job! Thank you, trading212!

Another upvote for this please. My investment tab just feels a mess right now after adding my first pie. I just want the pie stocks to show in the pie tab. Any idea when this update is coming?


Is there any news on when we will be able to select viewing only non pie investments?

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Any chance we can have the auto Invest investments separate to our other investment within the ISA account?

Iā€™d like to have my main focus on my big investments and swing positions in the investment tab and my longer term auto Invest investments to be only viewable on the pies tab.