Pie performance

So is there anywhere you can check the performace of peoples pies. its great that people can share and suggest pies, but before commiting real money, and doing further research, it would be great to see what people are experiencing on the suggested pies…?

Historical returns are not an indicator of potential future returns. what people are sharing is an idea, not their financial situation.

It doesn’t really matter what returns the creator got with their pie, the forecasted returns that are currently displayed are a backdate of the pie holdings if they were part of the pie for those last 5 years and are just a suggestion at how it might perform.

Best recommendation would be to find companies that interest you and just go ahead with the due diligence before considering how to allocate your funds in a pie, checking the pie library at this point to see what other people are doing with similar holdings. how somebody else performed has no place in your financial decisions.

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Hi I understand where your coming from check these pies out I personally found this as a way of providing and keeping a record of my performance

https://www.trading212.com/pies/l71rV7p68QvEcTDVTWYq4XKguhIQ Mixed wolf pack

https://www.trading212.com/pies/l71rV7p68QvEcTDVTWYrlXqrvVLO IPO Fresh

https://www.trading212.com/pies/l71rV7p68QvEcTDVTWYq6dkmrKlr Aim Jackpot

Thank you. Will check them out.