Investing in a Trillions pie

I have created a trillions Pie that that My positions and stocks are currently Set to auto invest every month and so far it has been yielding according to my target. I will not be updating it anytime soon to keep it stable.

Check it out here and drop a comment:
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Maybe this is better for you:

If it’s not negative, it’s not worth investing in, isn’t that right @Vedran ?

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Absolutely correct, if I design a pie which at end period provides more money then invested, that is a trash pie.

I only design pies which will “generate” less money then initially invested. :medal_sports:


Shows how pointless and unhelpful the value projection feature is. I’d have that removed or update it based upon sound financial theory.

its a representation of instruments history. there is no needed update since its not meant to try and determine anything for you.

So my point stands that it’s a pointless feature.

not pointless. it has its uses, just clearly not what you are looking for.

This depends on how you look at it, a stock that grows 1000% in a year can achieve such value theoretically. Theoretically I said!

Every backtesting depends on projections, you just have to know how it works, basically understanding that it in theory’s is the key !

JPMorgan beats profit estimates on better-than-expected credit, trading revenue

Absolute Correct, some fail to understand this key fact

No it backtesting in other-words and every economic projection depend on that. You just have know how it works

if a stock that usually doesn’t move or grow much ends up showing a 5 yr history of going up by more than it should, it can be a solid indicator that the next year or more will have reduced returns. alternatively, one that is solid and a fast grower showing a very low return may be primed for a breakout and could accelerate your projected earnings.

In principle the idea is correct, but in reality, it does more damage then help.

Many newcomers have no idea what it represents, however the obsession over bigger gains drives pie design.

So I would say this feature should be redesigned at least. Confusion and damage it is causing is far greater then help it provides to few.


to be fair, most newcomers don’t know what most metrics related to stocks mean :man_shrugging: it’s only important that if they plan to use them as reference, that they should educate themselves in them first and that’s beyond the scope of the pie feature.

Instead of projections, it should say if you invested in 2010, you would currently have this much. Past performance is not an indicator of future growth. Much more clear than trying to show future growth


This two stocks invested based on projection in early 2020 and the have yielded nearly 100% on my clients portfolio.

Right now those projections are not same anymore so it won’t yield same as in 2021.
That’s an example of projection plus backtesting use!

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The T212 projection uses past 5 years performance, based on last 5 year it projects future.

Thus if your stock had 2000% in 1 year, it will mirror this to future projections.

So this is very faulty projection.

You can do 99’ dot com projection ,then check how they actually performed , or underperformed. Lost decade etc.


I always combine projection with backtesting before investing In any stock . That’s what any newbie should know. Plus extensive research

Not sure which planet you live on, newcomer “investors” know “stonks only go up”.