Pies are getting social

I think we need a subscribe feature, where the pie changes based on the public pie allocations, obviously will not rebalance but the allocation can be changed. For pies tracking mutal funds would be amazing.


Thats perfect thanks :slight_smile:

I think that’s where the comments section and notes come into play. The Pie creators should disclose the rebalancing aspects, thoughts etc. And it’s down to the User to be inspired, DYOR and not just blindly copy.


Please note that if you link to your pies in the comments of other people’s pies, without context, that is considered spam, and you will be banned immediately. Let’s keep the comments section spam-free :slight_smile:


I’m too old to believe in fairytales :wink:


This is a great feature. I’ve been playing around creating some lazy portfolios for newbies.

I’ve noticed that pie pages are not displaying correctly for me either (Chrome on OSX) but they do work on mobile in both Chrome and Firefox, strangely.

Are Pie creators/maintainers getting paid, based on how many people copy their pies?

As I understand it, you can earn free shares when people join the platform via your pie link.

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Sounds good for a start…but if the idea is to take on Etoro’s PI program, then they should consider a proper compensation scheme to attract and keep top talent.


So true… man. For that reason I guess they push first that “social” feature than others. Kind of compete with etoro.

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I made a pie chart of the Dow 30 I’m using


Feel free to copy but of course if the Dow 30 weighting changes change your portfolio and you can dca

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Should the top pie actually based on the actual return and not the expected return based on the past return ? Because some people will be top pie but their pie is based on previous years return which is misleading and it should be based on the actual return made MoM or QoQ etc…
If anyone agree or disagree, please explain.

Pies are ranked by views, not return.


If you have a youtube channel and promote your pie you can be number 1.


Watching those returns makes one think, if same returns would continue going forward, we would have bunch od millionaires in couple of years.

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I think it is better to be based on actual return than view. People will look for the return which is based on previous year. Does not make sense to me. But fine. Thanks

I think that promotes lazy investing, licking the top performing. Think that would be borderline investment advice on Trading 212s part which they’re not qualified to give.

And in relation to being applied to actual returns? How does that work? Clearly that will be based on historical returns too. Because it was the past year’a results. Sure you can change the time frame but it all means very little for future returns. All it really does is give an indication of the stability of the pie.

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I don’t see my own pies. The top pies are always the same pies. I can’t search for pies.


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Do pie creators still get free stocks when users sign up through their pie link?

Shame, my aim is always to have at minimum negative historical returns. -10% being sweet spot.