URGENT! Share Pie Feature

Good Afternoon,
So sharing Pie was an amazing feauture.
What would make it perfect?
If the app would allow the person shared to be able to import the info straight into their app.
so a function to click onto the pie i have shared and they will be able to use the same allocations/invesments without them having to manually construct their own pie.
I have recommended so many of my friends/clients and family to this app.
If they could just copy the pie i feel like they would be more inclined to sign up.

At the moment when you share the pie it only lets them see the names of holdings and the apporitement.
it would be great if they could just hit copy and copy the pie into their portfolio and then adjust accordingly like you normally would.
I would love this feature to be implemented.
Is it already in place and im just behind the curve ?


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It’s in development.

Also copy pie where you can subscribe to a pie.

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Ran into the same issue today, My farther wanted to copy a Pie I made but we found out this had to be done manually, so the Pie share facility is really quite pointless and explains why there hasn’t been many takers.
A few people I know want to invest small regular amounts but are unsure what to buy and find configuring a pie a little daunting which makes the on-boarding process not worth the bother of inviting people in the first place.

And yes subscribing to a Pie maintained by someone you trust would be perfect.

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I agree with you… it’s easy to share pies between investors with this function…

I’m waiting for this feature for being able to import all ark investment pies… I am too lazy :sweat_smile:

It’s been already requested :+1:

Your whole family and friends investing in just your pie? I don’t want a seat at that table if things go pear shaped

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What is the timescales for this? Subscribing sounds great. Removes having to update my wife’s account too.

Im not even bothered about them staying subscribed its more about the initial setting up and allocation of assets. The pies i creat wont need changing for 10 years atleast so as long as they can copy what ive created im happy.