pl add KTOV, MARA, EBON, FRSX, we end up losing opportunities as the low float stocks are not listed on 212

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Yes please add FRSX and KTOV. They will explode today

Another request for KTOV and FRSX please @David @Martin

+1 for FRSX and KTOV

Such a struggle with these - KTOV was on the radar a while back but not available.

Has since risen over 30% yesterday as as of writing up over 40% pre-market today… by the time they become available if it all, they are already due to cool down and usually completely the wrong time to enter.

Why are these not available by default? Do 212 have a limit on capacity or something?

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Its becoming a waste of time requesting fractional share additions. Ive got 6, at the moment, on my wish list waiting to be fractional shares. One request goes back to early May. By the time they become fractional I probably won`t want them.

This is quickly becoming a real issue with Trading 212. Its a superior product, but I am missing out on huge deals because the tickers I want to trade are simply not on this platform. Missed out on 3 huge possiblities in the last 7 days because of this issue. There HAS to be a quicker way for Trading 212 to allow new stock symbols to be added. I have just joined - even though they have massive fees atleast they have the full range of instruments I am looking to trade.

I really hope Trading 212 finds a way to quickly add instruments.