If a stock is missing from Interactive Brokers, how can we request to get it on 212?

I will keep this short.

Would someone from 212 or the forum be able to assist.

Personally, I would prefer the convenience of holding all my short to medium term stocks on a single platform(212). From reading threads, I understand if the stock is not available on IB, then it cant be made available on 212.

So if a stock is missing on IB, is there a way we can get it added, so it can be considered for 212 as well?


Bumpety bump - probably worth adding if a stock is ‘not trading’ on IB, but is on other brokers, would there be a reason for that as well?

We understand where you’re coming from but if the instrument is not offered by IB, we won’t be able to add it to our platform.

Hey @Bogi.H , I believe Dougal is asking if you know of a direct means of contact with IB, similar to how we request new assets here for 212?

He’s also coming from the point of where IB does have the asset but 212 are restricted in one way or another, such as an example from yesterday, MWE;


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As a part of IB’s internal company policy, the possibility for us to specifically request a stock is on the table, however, a guarantee that they will comply with that request is not.

Usually, they do aim to stay up to date when it comes to the instruments they provide access to and if a specific stock is not currently tradeable, it could become available when the conditions on IB’s side have been met.

We’ll aim to keep you posted, regardless.


Can we ask for TBLD and MWE to be made tradable please? I would like to consolidate share positions.

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