Please ad slv, pslv asap


PSLV= Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET
SLV= iShares Silver Trust



Those are US domiciled. The WSB pump kind fizzled out on it.

The one which we do have pumped a week ago or so ago was First Majestic (AG)

We also have physical silver ETCs

I did get an interesting tweet popup From NorthStar that I follow, so it may not be over.

Please ad SLV + PSLV.

Not sure why you are posting it again :sweat_smile:


As in it needs to be available to European (UK) investors.


so why is this only for US citizens?
we cant traden in them?

You cannot trade them in the UK or EU.

When you look for any stock you need it to be UCITS eligible.

If you take something like SLVR from the Wisdomtree provider.

You can see a clear KID

And it outlines it’s UCITS eligible, and also can be held in ISA.

Not all instruments are this helpful.

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You’re awsome.

So AG is possible and could we see Silver on 212 being pomped instead?

AG is available and I was watching it pumped last week (that’s my screengrab above with the purple), not entirely sure if it’s finished now, or we might see a second pump happening this coming week.

Silver being a commodity it raises the price around the world. It’s not specific to the US, just some silver instruments we can’t trade outside.

@Finki do you happen to know what’s the closest to SLV we can?

All brokers are allowing SLV only trading 212 is again lacking. What a damn shame!!

When you say all brokers which ones? If you are talking US brokers then yes they should.

T212 is for European investors.

If you go to the iShares website you can see SLV only under US which is the big clue.

The European investor (UK) has SSLN

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I’m following XAD6 (Xtrackers Physical Silver ETC) in EUR.

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Buying physical is the safest way.

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As i read on tradegate Germany. SLV and PSLV both available.

Almost non available. There is a shortage.

Tradegate is a stock exchange not a broker.

Also I can’t see SLV have you got a link / screengrab?

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I read someone can trade it thru Tradegate.

Well SLV trades is the NYSE Arca.

Tradegate mainly europe traded thats what i meant. I saw eveidence of it.

Are you talking about I6H?