Please add: Avacta Group Plc (AVCT)

Please add: Avacta Group Plc (AVCT)


Just thought I’d try and bump this as I’ve not seen it added yet. This is my only investment outside of T212. Also number 4th most traded stock on HL this week.

Somewhat speculative but for those not in the know this company is supposed to be days/weeks away from approval of a Saliva based covid testing strip with a 10 minute result time fully self administered and lab free. Lots of references made to rapid testing by Matt Hancock in the news over the last week which Avacta investors believe is in reference to this company.

Due to it’s low cost (£5-10) Has the potential to be a game changer for getting the economy back on track. e.g Take a test 10 minutes before you go through security at the airport, or each day before kids go to school etc…

Obviously do your on DD as this could all just be hype and there are an almost infinite number of other companies working on testing and vaccines.