LON:AVCT Stock Request please!

Can we please have LON:AVCT [Avacta]? I’ve been patiently waiting for months! :slight_smile:


Also requested multiple times. It’s the only individual share I hold outside of T212.

I know your frustration Mirlo! I understand lots of people are asking for all different things. And T212 can’t add them all at once. But I was hoping by being in ‘the queue’ (if such a thing exists) months ago, surely we would have got to the front and had it added by now?

If was a US pump and dump stock/SPAC then it would be on in minutes! :slight_smile:

I guess I should be happy that I still have a holding because I’m expecting good things from Avacta. Not just the LFT Covid test but also future longer term pipeline of cancer therapeutics.

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Yeah Mirlo! I was hoping to add some more on the recent slump through T212, but the window of opportunity is closing!..