Please add Bitcoin to Invest Accounts

Hi all,

Are there any plans to add Bitcoin/crypto investing to the Invest and ISA accounts?

Currently using another platform but would love to consolidate stocks and crypto into one app.


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It’s a different monster entirely.

We’ve only just seen a company like PayPal accept payment, starting next year.

I think it may be a bit longer before they introduce a Cryptocurrency eligible ISA!

Thanks @JD1 . You have any recommendations for any crypo platforms to invest on? I’m using Coinbase but their fees are ridiculous high!


Just use Coinbase Pro, much lower fees.

And remember, if you don’t hold the private keys, it’s not your Bitcoin.

I use Binance, you get 25% off fees if you have BNB coin in your portfolio, when you trade on the exchange.

I don’t know how their Spot fees compare to Coinbase.

I would suggest you try to look at
I don’t have any crypto coins but my work colleague bought through them on the phone app and he received a promotion with no commission.

I am currently using and would not recommend it. It’s a good platform, low fees, they also have a debit card and so on. But if you want to transfer your coins to some other wallets (eg. your hardware wallet, Coinbase wallet and so on) they charge high fees.

I have opened myself a topic about this…

I think it’s better to have some index or etp based on bitcoin on this platform, instead of real bitcoin…

Pretty sure crypto ETNs are banned from next year.

So in about 70 days or so the Crypto CFDs will be removed and you can only own crypto, not a reference to the underlying asset.

I think the closest thing you may have in the future is perhaps a ‘crypto mining’ index, once that industry stabilises.