Investing in the Bitcoin ETP

Is anyone invested in the recently added Bitcoin ETP? if so what type of fees occur and how often?


Annual Management Fee: 2.00%


I know it’s always compared to Gold, but in this situation I’m more comfortable owning the coin outright.

As I would be more comfortable in owning Physical Gold, if it was more accessible.

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Appreciate that thanks

I understand where ur coming from, I felt I may as well try it this way so my investments are all in one place and I’d rather not use cfd for bitcoin

i just started using the BTC ETP yesterday adding it to some of my pies…
it’s a great asset for further diversification than only stocks and bonds

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The returns on this ETC are crazy.

2015: 36.16%
2016: 120.31%
2017: 1375.10%
2018: -73.84%
2019: 94.83%
2020*: 89.03%

That’s BTC! Up to 15k today

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I bought in too for the same reason

it’s on a very decent run

Took me by surprise getting a notification that this is on the platform :hushed: I have various crypto accounts (Coinbase, Abra, Binance, Zeux, & Revolut Crypto) currently dormant but the convenience of an ETF in an ISA with AutoInvest is enticing… just a question of whether that’s worth 2% in management fees :thinking: I’m learning toward abso-f@&£king-lutely.

I sold all my bitcoin for profit over a year ago and have been more or less waiting for it to drop to get back in. It just keeps rising and rising. I know the second I buy back in, it’ll plummet!

If you were waiting for it to drop and never went in during March then you’ll be waiting forever. Just DCA

I don’t mind waiting! I got in around the 3k mark last time. If it happens again I’ll jump in.