Please add Eurasia Mining Plc (EUA.L)

Please add Eurasia Mining Plc (EUA.L).


I second the above request. Glad AMGO and HEMO made it.

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Please look into this also as I would like to buy

It used to be available but Interactive Brokers (IB), which is Trading 212’s supplier no longer offers it on the LSE, so T212 is not able to offer it currently.
We might be able to get it in the future if T212 manages to access the other listing of Eurasia, in Stuttgart, but I don’t think that is on the immediate roadmap.

Please use the search function (magnifying glass on the top right of the screen) to find previous requests before requesting again :smiley:.

The fact that I couldn’t buy EUA in my t212 ISA still bothers me. Got it only in HL LISA and Freetrade invest account outside ISA.