Please add - KR1 for ISA accounts

If possible, please can we add KR1 ( to Trading 212, and available to ISA accounts?

It is listed on the AQSE exchange… I do not know if that will cause any issues.

Many thanks


Beat me to it - I would love to see this added ASAP. Thank you!

Plus 1 is like this option too @David if possible

I’ll go with this too :+1:t3:

Please add KR1 asap!

Please add KR1 to ISA please. Thanks

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Agreed please add to ISA!

Any news on this request? Would love to invest in KR1 In my ISA!

@ShrewdDude @jlbpower @Alpha @C18drw @seandunderdale @Yellowmoney @Mcmalloch @IVIatty4123
Not possible for now as the market is not supported by T212 intermediary, IB

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What about the US OTC ticker that went live this week? KROEF @Rygel

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@Alpha go to put in your ticker and tell me what you found.
This is not live yet. Don’t belive everything, do your own DD(due diligence).

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Also, be aware as you can loose your money on this, they had another OTC ticker KYPTF which got delistwd in 2018. Again do your own DD, don’t trust what others say online.

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Cheers @Rygel for the assistance. Yeah fully aware of the risk-reward spectrum. As always our capital is at risk and must do our own research, great reminder.

+1 for KR1. Would love to see this on T212 ISA

A lot of respectable people have noted this OTC listing: is it just a case of a time lag in it reaching the website you dropped? Also do you work for T212 or are you a community member?

Just a community member here.
The staff members have this logo on their pictures. is the official website for the OTC.
Ask the so-called “respectable people” where on the OTC are they buying this.
Maybe they take the news from the original poster without checking.
Or maybe the company is in the process of listing to the OTC but it’s not yet finalized.

Maybe it was just a time lag after all :wink: @David

They won’t be able to add them as they are not Penny Stock Exempt.
As a recommendation before posting, just go to put in your thicker and be sure it has the Penny Stock Exempt badge. Only they can be added.

You can check weekly on the OTC website and if they accept it as PSE you can ask for it then.