Pre-market Trading in ISA

Does Trading212 allow pre-market trading in ISA account? I know this is available in CPD and probably expected in "invest "?

I am specifically interested in ISA.

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No it doesn’t

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Any idea if there are such plans? if not I plan to switch over to IG or something

Yeah I think it’s on the list.

Maybe someone from @Team212 could confirm it

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I would really like to see Pre Market and After Hour Trading on Trading 212. Earnings are released After Hours and the US Traders using Platforms like We Bull that offer commission free trading take advantage of this. Its not fair on UK Investors if other brokerages have this advantage. If We Bull come to the U.K then this will affect T212 they need to add this feature soon.

How many hours of after / pre market trading does IG allow? Even Robinhood only allows like an hour or so.

However it would be good to have a half an hour each side. I’ve seen so many stocks absolutely collapse into smithereens at exactly 9.05pm due to earnings.

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I would love this feature also.