Stock request please add this stock


Everybody is talking about that stock and it is only that analyst escpected growth over 100% next year this stock i going to be killer.

That Stock is Planet 13 (PLNHF).
Please add it as soon as possible while the price is not high yet.

Thank you !

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Now that you have asked, it will probably get added tomorrow.

Meanwhile if you could be so kind to use search, to see how many others made same request.

Ps Welcome - “Using search is good, use search.”


Why did you think it will be added tommorow…
what did I do wrong like I just asked nothing else…
using common sense is also good use it
wau people nowadays

Basically OTC so it can’t be added until T212 have access. I think there’s about 25 threads with the same answer. Second to asking for Tencent.

Staff have mentioned access should be :soon:

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First thing, you need to explain to the folks what OTC is. :grimacing:

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I guess they could always search if they don’t. :wink:

Hi please could you add BITF - BITFARMS LTD