Please add QQQ and EQQQ

Hi am I missing something or is QQQ ETF not on trading 212? I’m amazed this super popular etf is not available. Also the equivalent in the LSE: EQQQ is not there either. Please can these be added? Thanks.

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American ETFs cannot be traded in the EU.
(I also would like to have some US ETFs available)


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Unfortunately, US ETFs can’t be traded by European citizens. For an ETF to be PRIIPS complaint, it has to be UCITS certified.

EQQQ, which is UCITS certified is now live and ready for trading! Cheers :v:

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Brilliant. Thanks for the fast response. :slightly_smiling_face:

but it places us at a disadvantage as it trades according to the open & close times of the LSE. You are completely exposed to what happens after 16:30. Why can’t the EQQQ be registered on both the LSE and the NYSE like a lot of stocks are

What makes you think that’s got anything to do with T212? Complain to Invesco if you think that matters.

ETFs are not designed to be day-traded anyway, so intraday price should concern people.

It would be nice to have it in EURO too :wink: