Added QQQ, TQQQ and SQQQ and now removed?

What happened? They’re gone now


Use EQQQ for now looks like it’s the same

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Actually I was mainly interested in TQQQ and SQQQ for trading. Just chucked QQQ in there, because might as well have it :slight_smile:

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Did they get taken down??
Please put them back up!

Were they removed by mistake?

These look to be US domiciled ETFs and not legal to be sold in Europe to retail investors. When looking at ETFs you should check they are labelled as UCITS compliant before making a request. The data for TQQQ and SQQQ say “UCITS no”. Eg look and scroll down here.

Maybe you have mistaken CFD account with Invest one? As on CFD it is available, while on Invest it shouldn’t be available.

I did not make a request, they were up on the ISA account to my delight, hence the screenshot. I was wondering how they were up if they’re not meant to be.

It was on my ISA. I even saved them in a watchlist, which is now empty. Don’t use CFD

How long ago did you make your watchlist? I recall that there were some US ETFs on the platform back in January, but the maximum order quantity was 0, and Trading 212 has now removed them since they are not legal for sale in Europe. You should always check for the UCITS label.

Yeah, fair enough, I understand the UCITS requirements. The screenshot is from this Tuesday though, and it bummed me out because I got excited and assumed they wouldn’t be able to add them if they’re not supposed to, as opposed to them being able to add whatever they want even if it goes against regulations.