Please add SPAK ETF

would it be too difficult to proactively add tickers especially of established companies? Its draining having to use 2 platforms

@Maj1986 Just google UCITS.

What good is that to those who want to buy direct stocks for say smufit kappa? 100s of useful etfs are also missing like hedged World trackers.
Not a very helpful response.

Please can you add the spac etf I believe the ticker is SPAK

Unfortunately, I think this is a US-listed ETF which cannot be added due to EU regulations.

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I had a good Google on this, but could find a yes or no answer, but I’m assuming this isn’t UCITS compliant based on your comment? :thinking:

Does anyone have a good website to check for UCITS compliancy which I can add to my bookmarks?

@mcwilliams91 Usually such newly spawned “exotic” ETFs are not UCITS.

Yeah realised this since then! :rofl:

I emailed the team behind it all to ask if they were considering UCITS compliancy at any stage, and they said they were considering as it’d gained a lot of support from people apparently.

Time will tell I’m sure. Even SPAK ETF isn’t complaint. Having to resort to building my own pie and remembering to have to update it … :see_no_evil: