Please add the following NYSE shares:

Templeton Dragon Fund Inc (NYSE)

India Fund Inc (NYSE)

Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc (NYSE)

Japan Equity Fund Inc (NYSE)

Thank you.

These sound like collective investments that T212 may not be able to offer due to EU regulations.

You may want to look at equivalent LSE-listed investment trusts instead.


Some potential alternatives that are worth researching: PHI/PAC (Asia Pacific), FAS (small caps), HFEL/IAT (income), FCSS (China), AIE (India) and BGFD/BGS (Japan).


Those requests as their names shows, are funds, and traded at NYSE.

After some Due Diligence those are mutual funds (closed ended).

Did you read this?

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@Diegoscur, all 4 suggestions are indeed US Closed-End Funds, so we won’t be able to offer them.

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Thank you all for educating me on the matter.