Please add Voyager Digital (VYGVF)

Can use add Voyager Digital (canada) Ticker Symbol: VYGVF OR VYGR OR UCD2(french market)

@David @adm @Team212


Lol, just so you know - I don’t work for them :slight_smile: I just help on the forum. I can’t do stock adds or stuff like that unfortunately.


I thought that but I chanced it haha


Just for giggles, I’m going to have to start tagging you in future requests now :joy:


RIP my inbox and notifications lmao!

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Fast-growing crypto trading app - you don’t want to miss on this one!

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Any update on this? Keen to get in early!

I echo that. Several subscription services I enrolled to have drawn my attention to this stock. Please, Trading212!

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Just a kind nudge… please add VYGVF!


I’d just like to bump this request also

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@Team212, @David

Could you add this ticker please

$VYGVF - Voyager Digital Ltd. It’s PSE

Thank you.

Jeremy of Financial Education just tipped on YT, so expect it to go ballistic tomorrow:

Please add Voyager Digital (VYGVF) ASAP!
It’s Penny exempt!!!

They’ve tried already;

Perhaps the folk on this thread can contact IBKR and ask them to take it out of close-only mode…?

Literally gave you the answer in the last post.

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How do we contact IBKR to let them know they got it wrong this time ?
The volume for VYGVF is growing day after day and it will grow even bigger the closer we get to Coinbase IPO.
They (Voyager Digital) have almost 3 billion market cap already and 23$/share stock price…
And it was put in the same bucket like those penny stocks trading for 0.01 cents
I still don’t understand why Trading212 needs IBKR, they hold ‘us’ back big time !
(this was example number 11 in a long story of let downs from IBKR)

Trading212, please get rid of IBKR … it’s time to become a man and leave childhood behind…

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Damn, was just about to post another topic requesting VYGVF again.

Hi there, this is a new request for VYGVF. Checking it appears this stock IS now penny stock exempt - so can it be added please. Thx

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i’ll like to see this stock as well!

PSE wasn’t the issue - IBKR had it close-only mode;

Unable to see if this is still the case, perhaps @David or @Rumen can advise please?