Please and very much please an API even a very basic one

It can very simple for the beginning and I think for the foreseeable future following compromises are acceptable:

  • no time series, only quotes on shares/etfs/FX
  • depending on demand quotes can be cached/stale for 5/10/20/30 minutes etc.
  • depending on demand api access can be provided to users holding only over a certain amount of value in their account
  • api access should be rate limited (not sure 50 per minute?)

2nd phase can include

  • ability to put limit buy/sell orders (market orders without up to date quotes might be dangerous for users)
  • ability to cancel existing orders
  • ability to query current free funds
  • ability to query portfolio holdings.

Since most of these features already exist in mobile app, I am sure there are api’s already working for all of these and more. It is a question of rate limiting and opening these apps to your users I suppose.


Has been requested a few times but seems like a low priority for T212 team shame as I think there lot of people of asking now

I think it’d be a faily “easy-win” for the team since they already have the api’s. All that needs to be done is authenticate some api’s for users and rate limit them as liberally or conservatively as they wish.

@kali, thanks for your interest! I do get where you’re coming from and it will be really awesome to have a public API.

This, however is not that easy and simple. Having an API and a publicly available API are two quite different stories.
Just publishing some endpoints and their signatures with some flows guidelines won’t do the job.
Our current APIs are scaled for our apps. If we do a public version we would have to also create rate limiting for each specific endpoint by the accounts that are requesting them. We have quite a few endpoints and limiting them properly is really labour intensive and adding an additional footprint to our current load.
There is also the matter of change management. When we launch a public API we would do so with a proper documentation and endpoint deprecation schema. This requires work. Consider our current method of changing/adding or removing endpoints: we just do it internally and that’s that. The proper way for a public API dictates that this must happen with prior notifications to the APIs users, time for them to react and chasing people that forget to do so.
This is related to peoples’ money so we can’t just break something and let the users’ figure it out on their own.

That being said. We will have a PROPER API. But we do have some kick-ass features that we would like to launch before we do that. All we ask for is patience…


Thanks @noop would be great even if had a basic export function in the interim I think this will help a lot people, even the none technical ones. And may take some heat off for the APIs appreciate the hard work keep up the good work T212 team

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An export functionality will be implemented soon enough. Quite sooner than the API.


thanks for update, hoping soon is a few months away :slight_smile:

Dont forget to vote for API :grin:

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That’s on CFD - that’s been there forever for ProQuant integration :wink:

Sorry to disappoint!

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oh that was hard on me :broken_heart: :cry:

+1 for API on ISA account.

Even a separate basic one for now just to query current holdings and prices etc.