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Wallmine is a fantastic free online analysis tool that has the capability to connect with a number of brokerages so that you can sync your trades and manage your portfolio;


They currently connect to a number of brokerages but this does not include Trading 212, although IB does have a connection (other examples below).

Would it be possible for T212 to engage Wallmine and set up a connection so that we can connect our accounts to this tool?


Many thanks



After trying wallmine and seeing how much we can do on there it would be nice if this feature was added.

I absolutely agree, I’ve been waiting for it for months

Sorry, have you requested this feature already? I did a search before I posted but couldn’t see any historic requests in the results.

ninth, I have never applied

I think this stems from the non-existence of any api on T212, if there were just a few basic functions provided, it could’ve been easily done.

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to be a bit more precise, none of those brokers have a “wallmine specific api” they all just have api’s which wall mine utilises to pull data.

And whenever I say “basic” api, I mean an API to retrieve the current state of account. (holdings, prices dividends etc)

When I say “advanced” api, I mean an API to mutate the current state of the account. (buy/sell/deposit move money between accounts etc)

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So essentially we’re asking for a basic API on T212’s side for Wallmine to interface with?


I would love to see this too, my wallmine is not 100% accurate for some reason and have to manually update of course so for it to be automated and accurate would be lovely.

that is correct, but reading back the response, I don’t think we’ll have one soon :frowning:

Thanks for that. If it’s in the pipeline that’s great.

Wallmine is a great app! I agree a basic API would be fantastic, however I trust the team have higher priorities at the moment. If this eventually does appear, that would be yet another big plus point to T212!

Hopefully they link in with something. The T212 UI is awful and getting information laid out nicely is non existent. I use T212 for order execution only.

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I also started using wallmine after you introduced it, already connected IBKR and Schwab. Would be nice to connect T212 also.

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I think wallmine is one of the better ones I’ve seen online.

If they had an input for FX ratio on transactions, it is almost usable.

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Massive bugbear for me as well. Stockopedia is the best I’ve found for that feature but not worth the asking price.

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I’ve emailed them already, may be they are responsive and it’ll get done, who knows :slight_smile:



Superb idea. I hope the folk at Trading212 are paying attention.

Nice one!!

amazing idea, unfortunately trading 212 has a pretty much close mindset and their backlog is all around having every feature baked in the platform rather than allowing to integrate with 3rd party.

I’d love to see this change and see more options becoming reality soon like integration with metatrader, seeking alpha, etc.


Was about to create a topic about this as well:) Also super interested in this integration, wallmine is superb. Lets hope it comes soon.

@marianolatorre hopefully not, as now-a-days that’s the wrong approach/direction to go if you want to remain competitive (in my opinion). Why re-invent/waste time in developing something if there’s something else specifically designed for it? Unless there are huge costs and complex dependencies involved, or the goal is an ecosystem, i see no point, but that’s me.