Trading 212 API integration

Trading 212 should add an API plugin so that finance apps like emma can access the current portfolio. The rival app freetrade currently has this feature and trading 212 should add the same to rival them


FT doesn’t have an API though they have said it might come in the future.

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As basic as it is the CSV download from T212 is pretty powerful.

I take it, dump it to Excel and create all manner of “views”… P&L… Tax/CGT positions …

T212 do expose quite a lot of api data for assets available and (if you use something like Selenium) you can actually get your portfolio and cash positions out automatically once you’ve got an authorisation token.

CSV is basic, I know. But works.


+1 for this.

Having an API would allow many services to be able to connect and use our data without having to export or edit the downloaded .CSV

Please add this T212.


+1 for this also. I run a site called DiviTrack which currently uses CSV exports which can be unreliable due to format changes. It would help a lot to have a T212 api as it would allow real-time updates and not force the user to constantly export CSVs!


Or build an app to recognise US/EU time formats and stuff or mark different columns as different things like wallmine.

Not saying wallmine is perfect, far from it but there needs to be a bit of give and take on both sides.

They should simply use the open banking API, would be a dream. Make tracking much easier than opening the app each time. I know currently the focus is on but it opening to new customers but once the shifts change would be ideal.