Please, fix the Result Cell calculation in the Positions List

Thank you.

Have you factored in fx rates?

No, USD account, USD stock. :slight_smile:

FX rates should not mean a hidden fee though.

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I could make a video, marking all the moments when the calculation is wrong. Could it be helpful?

Possibly, I first guessed it was FX or market transaction taxes as the usual suspect.

That or it’s a delay between the calculation and the price updating:

It would make sense for the calculation to be done on the fly potentially at the user end so both match.

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Yeah, there’s no technical reason to not use the data arrived to the cells of Sell Price column → in the cells of Result and Result (%) column. It’s a super-computer on our desk, for this usage. It can can handle that multiplication even 100 times in a second.


Hey :wave:,

Thanks for pointing it out. The price is instantly updated. Whereas the result is updated every 4-5 seconds which causes a slight visual delay.

Trading 212 is awesome, truly it is. Please, make it even better, the best for scalpers. Please, I need live data. You know, a cell filled with less frequently updated calculation result is not a live data. Please. I’m begging you. :slight_smile:

Scalping is against the terms of use, so I hope that’s just a bad comparison.

Oh. Perhaps I use it wrong. Earlier I had questions with answers meaning that the usage is right. What is the definition of scalping, from the aspect of ToU?

I just tried to find it in the ToU but there’s no such word that scalp(+ing). I’m confused now.

I remember David once said scalping is allowed on invest and isa platforms, but not on the cfd.

Edit: i managed to find his post

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Yeah, that’s CFD, now it’s clear. I don’t use it, not even thought of its aspects. :slight_smile: