Help: Free founds wrong calculation - ✅ Solved

I just figured out that my account calculation is very very wrong.

buy 30 shares, open at 119.23, current 123.10 result 24.82, 0.77% my result: 116.1---- 3.2%
buy 178 shares, open at 11.83, current 14.68, result 386.23, 20.19% my result: 507.3 — 24.09%
buy 55 shares, open at 53.8973, current 44.38, result -562.83,-20.71% my result: -523.45 — 17.658%
but 116 shares open at 76.1506, current 60.40. results -1903.16, -23.53% my result: -1827.0696 — 20.68%

This is very shocking, I didn’t realise it before, I will also re calculate other closed trades.

It is quite unlikely that the calculation in the platform is wrong. There are several possible explanations.

You are using the buy price to calculate the current value rather than the sell price

You have forgotten about currency exchange effects

You are reading a price as if it were £ but it is actually $ or visa versa.

If on the CFD platform, you are forgetting about overnight interest fees and foreign exchange fees.

To help more, we need to know what stocks these are and the currency units.

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Thanks for your replying. All shares I bought are in us dollars. I notices that the market value is in euros. but it doesn’t corresponding to my calculation at all

If you give the full details of one of these transactions we can probably explain it. But it is impossible to help without full details.

Hi, here is my screenshot

If you have a euro account and you bought shares in $USD you may not be allowing for currency fluctuation.

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ok, that’s a point but I don’t think the currency fluctuation will be more than 2-5 % during a day.

It is fluctuating since you bought position. So each time you buy position it is under specific FX rate. You can check in history.

So yes FX volatility can go even +/-5%… nowdays this is common…

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It is also worth noting that while “Price” and “Current price” are shown in the instrument’s currency (here USD), the market value and results are in the account currency (e.g. GBP).

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I can just not understand the thing about fluctuation in my case. open at 119 dollars, current price 123 dollar, so each share i have 3 dollars profit. I bought 30, so in total i got a 90 dollars profit. now in my picture, it displays 16 dollars/ 16 euros, is it a fluctuation thing?

Have a read of these similar threads, same issue:

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are you sure you know how to count?
as everyone is saying, check currencies, difference in FX between the buy date and now

if you don’t want to help, then it’s fine. don’t be so rude. Are you sure you are a clever person?

Here is prime example of FX rate change on Buy vs current FX rate.

You can see my position in BP is net positive even tho current sell price is lower then my average price. The gain is from FX difference of when I purchased today vs current FX USD/GBX

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Thanks for you help. But i don’t think it’s the same issue, when the difference is from 90 dollars to 16/euros/GBP/Dollars. I check the currency I bougt 7 days ago and today. 90 dollars cannot be 16 euros/dollars/GBP

Oh, this is much more clear for me. I will recheck it. Thanks a lot.

difference between 123 and 119 is 4. it means not 90 dollars, but should be 120 dollars. that’s why I pointed out your counting. if you didn’t count this correctly, most likely your calculation for FX difference was wrong.

Disney: current price 30 * 122.86 USD = 3 685.8 USD ~ 3249 EUR using today’s exchange rate. That part looks fine for me.
If you check the contract note statement that you receive every day, you should find the USD/EUR exchange rate that was used when you bought it. You could then calculate the EUR price of your purchase and subtract 3251,65 EUR from it to see if it matches the declared result.

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Also, I see that for your differences in returns, it’s around 3% for 3/4 positions. EUR/USD increased by 3% in the last 7 days from when you bought the stock. your USD position became 3% less in EUR, hence 3% difference in returns. All makes sense.
Don’t play a victim, learn to count.

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