Pls provide Flexible ISA

You can tell how desperate I am in getting the ISA made flexible :smiley:

@VicVega just imagine if everyone created multiple threads asking the same questions again and again even after a response.

How much time must be wasted by anyone that replies!

@Dougal1984 Absolutely agree.
(This is my 3rd and last response to this thread :laughing:)

I wished T212 added the ISA flexibility, then we would not need to ask.

The thing is the list could be endless, so you need to prioritise in terms of cost to implement/test/running costs and user priorities.

The only benefit I can see is if I thought it could be a better short term loan or when I get older to switch some of the investments I have to more fixed interest, at which point I would simply switch out of 212 in full to do so.

That is not the only thing that flexibility allows. Suppose someone has £200k in ISA and also does other projects (e.g. property development) on the side and may need money to complete on property auction winning. Once mortgage is put on it, money is back to the trading account. Thus flipping money back and forth as needed, maximizing on both business and tax free ISA trading. I am sure there are many other use cases.

In Normal ISA, provider just needs to account for deposits only and when it reaches £20k block deposits.

In Flexible ISA, provider will need to account for both deposits and withdrawals, and only net is used to control the £20k limit. Its simple accounting anyway.

I hope above makes sense.


While reading link, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs): Withdrawing your money - GOV.UK
Found that money can be withdrawed and deposited back for a Flexible ISA account.

Is Trading212 ISA account Flexible/Non-Flexible?

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4.3. This Stocks and Shares ISA is not a flexible Stocks and Shares ISA. Any money you pay in will count towards your ISA subscriptions for the current tax year; withdrawals are not offset against deposits when calculating subscription limits. You are only allowed to deposit up to the maximum ISA limit in a tax year.


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Thank you for your response.
I couldn’t see the details of non-Flexible account in this link.

The only information provided in the link is a statement that the ISA is not a flexible ISA, you can find this in section 4.3. Or you can search the page for “flexible”.

Sorry missed it earlier.

You just repeated what I said - essentially a short term bridging loan. Flexibility allows just that.

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“short term bridging loan” - nicely summarized, although not every would know what it means.

T212 Admin - can you please move this to Feature suggestions & ideas

Good catch, the topic is now in the correct category :heavy_check_mark:

Would be a neat feature to implement, sometimes it’s good to take out of an ISA to seek a better opportunity when markets allow (for example I took £5000 out last year to use within T212 CFD).

I’m the first to admit people will probably get screwed by it though.

Non-Flexible ISA = Calculate all Deposits until total sum reaches £20k.

Flexible ISA = Calculate all Deposits and Withdrawals until total sum reaches £20k.

Simple change in calculation. It should be quite easy for T212 Devs to implement, right?

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Not investing with T212 ISA as its not Flexible.

My pet hate. I bet your job is super easy and anyone could do it too.

Architect, just drawing.
Engineer, just maths.
Builder, just playing in mud.

Why guess? Just ask for the feature.


Do you realize this was asked since 2020, still nothing.