Pls provide Flexible ISA

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approx. 1/3 are mine.

Start of a new tax year so adding another request for a flexible ISA. This would be useful if you needed to temporarily transfer some money out and didn’t want it to damage your yearly allowance.

According to MSE these are all the banks that currently offer flexible ISAs suggesting it is fairly common, so it would be great if Trading212 could enable this.

Aldermore, Bank of Scotland (variable ISAs only) , Barclays, Clydesdale Bank/Yorkshire Bank (Flexi Cash ISA only) , Coventry Building Society (Easy-access ISA only) , Ford Money, Halifax (ISA Variable Saver only) , Lloyds, Metro Bank (Instant Access Cash ISA only) , Nationwide, Newcastle BS, Paragon Bank, Principality BS (variable ISAs only) , Skipton BS, Tesco (Instant Access Cash ISA only) , TSB and Virgin Money (easy-access ISAs only).


Zopa also do flexible cash isa


Even Zopa, but Not T212 yet?


We will offer a Cash ISA which will be flexible. With it, we plan to make the current Stocks & Shares ISA also flexible.


Great news, it will allow me to invest more than I would have done thanks to the flexibility.

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Same, I’m not using T212 S&S ISA as it’s not yet flexible.

I’ll transfer in once it becomes flexible.


are there any timescales for the share ISA being flexible

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In the stocks and share world the flexible ISA is a bit of a rarity.

The only broker I know that offers it is EQi. I hear some have mentioned the vanguard one is also.

For one reason or another it’s just not as commonplace for as S&S ISA to be flexible.

As a side note it’s interesting to see both Barclays and Tesco bank have flexible cash ISAs. I have both those ISAs but never really looked as it’s never been something I’ve particularly focused on. Either they didn’t advertise it very well, or I kinda missed it in the small print.

Handy to know as a fun fact

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I believe HL and Fidelity are flexible also.

There’s at least 7-8 S&S do Flexible


We plan to make the current S&S ISA flexible at the same time as we introduce the Cash ISA in mid to late May.


Does this work retroactively? I.e. if I have already opened a S&S ISA and deposited funds I can withdraw and re-deposit without impacting the yearly allowance? Reading the latest news this should be effective from 08/06/2024.

Is the Trading212 ISA Flexibility on both current and previous years’ ISA deposits?

All Flexible ISA providers I know provide flexibility on all balances in the ISA account so long as funds are replaced within the same financial year.

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We need to read the ISA rules. If you have deposited 5k this year, then withdrawn 12k, you should then be able to deposit up to 27k back in the current financial year.

Yes, once our Stocks & Shares ISA shifts to being flexible, any money you pay in will count towards your ISA subscriptions for the current tax year, and we will offset any subsequent withdrawals against deposits when calculating the allowance.

  • If I fund a T212 S&S ISA, will it automatically become Flexible on 8 June 2024?

  • how will ISA transfer between Cash ISA and S&S ISA work? will it be instant?

So, the way I understand it.

A Flexible ISA is as follows.

I invest £10000, leaving £10000 in the tax year of my allowance. I then withdraw £5000.

That then leaves £15000 of my allowance in the tax year.

Have I understood this correctly?

Spot on.

A flexible ISA means your net deposits + withdrawals must be less than 20k a year.

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