Plus 500 - CFD Broker

When i invest in a company whereby i can reach out to their customers, it’s often worth obtaining their feedback on the company.

Plus 500 is a CFD broker but i have no clue about CFD trading and cant really judge how good or bad company and weather it’s worth investing in their current share price 243.77p

Am looking for opinion of CFD and non CFD traders regarding this company.

Thanks Folks

  1. CFD (Contracts For Difference) isn’t investing. CFDs are for day or swing trading. You a trading with margin and leverage. Which means if price goes wrong direction, your loss will be bigger.

  2. Why discuss another broker on a Trading 212 community?

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I believe he is talking about buying shares in Plus 500


Like @dabear said I think they are talking about the stock which is available on T212. Let’s not be like the Freetrade community, where it’s knives out at even the hint of competition.


Plus 500 is a CFD broker only. They do not offer a normal share dealing account.

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Sorry to create confusion but i was only seeking peoples opinion in reaching a decision weather to buy plus500 shares in the open market.
I have had them for a while on my watch list and the current share price is on (-11%).
simply wall st indicates there are on 59% undervalued but am taking that on a pinch of salt

I have heard mixed reviews on Plus500. Suggest you look at the feedback from customers on the App Store reviews. It’s not for me - plenty of better buys out there!

CFDs are known as contract for difference. It is not investing and carries high risks. Your quite literally betting on the price of the asset - you don’t own the asset. From what I’ve heard retail investors lose quite a lot overall using CFDs - it should only be used if you have experience trading and prepared to accept that you could lose all of your money. Furthermore CFD brokers charge overnight fees which can cut any profit you make (if any) or increase your overall loss.
I would personally recommend sticking to investing in stocks however if you really want to go ahead with CFDs make sure you do it starting small and be prepared to lose everything. Also in my opinion Plus500 is a terrible platform. Plus500 do not offer a share dealing service whereas Trading212 offers a share dealing service and an ISA in addition to CFD trading.

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Not too sure about Investing in the company given that their Share Price risen due to the influx of Day Traders.

Lond Term I don’t see it doing well.

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