Will Option Trading be a thing

Will options ever be available on Trading 212 CFD ?

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I do not believe this is a direction which T212 want to pursue at this time.
I would not say “never”, but it has been discussed before here and the staff at T212 are happy with their current offering I believe. So no, not any time soon.

Hope this helps answer your question. :v:

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Not in the CFD (CFDs compete with options so no) but in Invest/ISA account options will be added next year. This year it is not in the plans.


What do you mean by CFDs compete with options
Sorry if this is a pure newbie question but I’m not sure I understand

Both provide leverage to investors who want to bet if an underlying stock will go up or down.

Yeah but it doesn’t necessarily mean they compete ?
For example Plus500 I think it’s called
Is a CFD platform that offers options