Poll: Cryptocurrencies T212

First, for me Trading 2012 is the best trading platform! But I really miss the cryptocurrencies.
I’m also on etoro and over there is a huge interest in crypto’s! I feel here on TR2012 the traders/investors aren’t as interested in crypto’s. For TR2012 it could be quite lucrative to list crypto’s with a better spread than etoro does, because they are quite high on etoro! For this reason I decided to start a poll. Thanks for voting!!!

Cryptocurrencies are important for me on TR2012
  • Yes
  • No

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The FCA has banned the sale of crypto derivatives to retail customers.

I know! About the real cryptocurrencies, not derivates!

T212 have already mentioned plans for adding real crypto this year similar to eToro.

I doubt it can beat the current fees from actual crypto exchanges.


I’d recommend to use a wallet and buy from exchanges such as Binance.

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That’s true, but like I see on etoro the average trader/investor likes it to have all in one platform/broker!

What benefit would it have being on the same platform?

Ignoring the fact it’s not a good idea to store on the exchange, seems crazy to be sacrifing just to see in one place.


I was only reading an article recently outlining that so many more retail investors are keeping their money on the exchange. I can’t remember the exact figure, but it was surprisingly high. I’ll try root it out.

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Yeah, I’m also using different exchange for crypto. As they say ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ Plus you can store crypto in cold wallet

Many just like to trade, so they aren’t really HODL the coins!

I wonder if that’s because they trust it won’t be hacked, or not concerned due to small amount held, or not realising it can be taken off.

I only want T212 to spend the minimal amount on adding coins to buy/sell.

They have got a lot still to do for stocks and shares platform before spending time and resources on other projects.

I can’t see how they can complete with the likes of Binance or Kraken or Bitstamp or Phemex. So probably aiming at the Coinbase customers and undercutting their ridiculous fees.

I do wish we had a Crypto section to the T212 forum.


I just trying to understand. Because it seems that Bitcoin will be a :fire: asset in the future! And if i watch my best performing stocks in December they are all related to Bitcoin, except one is clean energy (GEVO). For this reason I really would like also to have some cryptocurrencies here on T212.

Even for that, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp… they are a whole decade ahead of T212.


I’m pro crypto but indifferent about having real crypto on T212 Invest and ISA as like you I’m getting tax wrapped exposure via the Crypto Miners who have operating leverage.

I’m more interested in having Bitcoin ETPs (now close only mode) or eventually the inevitable Bitcoin ETF when the SEC approves one.

Agree above, the specialists such as Coinbase Pro and Binance are best for real crypto.

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Thanks! Did the changes to T212 where I could.

Named after the Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay song, of course.


Closed the poll.
Short analysis: newer members of TR212 like to have cryptocurrencies! All in one platform idea…
Thanks for voting!

Why “TR212”?
Just so you know, most of the users use the acronym T212 :smiley:.

With only 54 voters, you can’t think that is representative of the T212 investors universe, that have a couple of thousands.

It isn’t representative even of the T212 community forum.