Copy trades like eToro

I really love Trading212 the only thing that has me eyeballing eToro are the automatic copy feature for traders.

Most of us are casual investors, would be amazing to hitch a few of my wagons to more savvy traders in exchange for a small gains percentage.

Is this functionality copyrighted? Am I hoping for something that is a complete pipe dream?


I’d be cautious of following anyone’s trades, especially the peeps I’ve seen who are most popular in the T212 community.

Might sound harsh, but if you haven’t got the time to learn how to do it yourself, an ETF or managed fund is the best thing for you.


Could not agree more with @Donald_Duck

Think of it this way:
Do you go to strangers “in real life” and allow them to handle your finances? Do you give your friend/neighbor the ability to buy and sell with your money? I think not, copy trading is basically just that.

There are some really good ETFs out there, well diversified, good upside and cheap. That would be my advice, but again do not trust me. I am a random guy on the internet xD
Do your own due diligence :slight_smile:

I agree but people are entitled to risk their money to a random.
But i am sure there are some good traders out there.
People on here have some crazy return.

Hmmmm, im torn as i dont have anything against the functionality being available, I wouldn’t use it myself but can see others might want to. However risk for T212 might be it brings their platform down rather than up brand wise, I think recent events mean T212 needs to be aiming to be taken seriously not a meme/crypto volatile platform, not saying this would directly cause it, but it could do.

Crazy return in a crazy year - the real tests are to come.


Agreed, as they say its easy to make money in a bullish market!

When everything levels out or we have bearish/recessional market that’s when it gets tough!

Yes I do if they have a good track record, just keep some small funds there and see how it plays out.

Meh, tesla and bitcoin to the moon :rocket::rocket::rocket::crazy_face::rofl::muscle:

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not necessarily true if done right like on etoro this feature is useful even for people with knowledge to trade them self, can look at the trade history and stats going back years, returns are much higher than any etf fund and can run a trailing stop its low risk, some popular investors on etoro making over 100% returns a year with good diverse portfolios

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There’s not enough history on eToro that you should b feel comfortable quoting this.

Anyone can make 100% in a single year, no-one does it over a decade - even with the rampant equity inflation we’re experiencing at the mo’.

ETFs are for retirement or for people who have really huge sums of money, Etoro has a really good business model with the copy trades and with years of data to prove it works, they’re people who literally take it like a full time job with millions of dollars under management because they have the years of track record to prove it.

If T212 did the copy trade like Etoro it will really be a great idea, they already do social pie so why not monetize the social pie system into something like Etoro? For real Etoro made a system like mini hedge funds and the people there actually do some good research same as how I’ve seen some people on T212 do real good DD and share their pie so imagine if it was monetized.

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Etoro has been doing copy trades for more than a decade and it’s been successful so far

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Yeah but from what history has shown us the bull market runs for 8 to 10 years and about 1 to 2 years for a bear market, with some minor corrections ofcourse so I don’t see the big deal, warren buffet lost money in the bear market sometimes same as how renaisance and bridge water have lost tons of money in both bull and bear markets.

Average bull market is 2.7 years. These bull markers have been exceptional due to record amounts of QE.