Portfolio Filter

Mobile App - Portfolio View

It’s nice that there is now a search bar for filtering stocks in your portfolio view and I have used it but rarely, what I would use way more than this is if there was a Market Index & Currency Filter Drop-down Menu to the right of the search-bar in the form of a Filter Icon with the following multi-selection checkbox list items followed by nested accordions:

  • Open Markets Only
    Display only shares in my portfolio for markets that are currently open.

  • Pending Orders
    Show stocks with pending orders, I trade frequently and often I see the withheld funds message but on the the App it’s difficult to check what stocks are pending.

Nested Accordians:
Filter portfolio by currency, very often i find my self wanting to check on state of USD traded stocks after 2.30pm (BST) but they are swamped by my profiles list Europe stocks list

> Currency Accordion

  • GBP
  • USD

> Exchange Accordion

  • NYSE
  • LSE

The filter button should display a badge on it to indicate that filters are currently applied to the current view in the form of with a blue tick or numerical counter of number of selected options.