Portfolio transfer to XTB

I’m thinking of maybe transferring my portfolio to XTB because of the lower tax rates. XTB Has an office in Romania, and according to a new law that would mean lower taxes and those taxes would be paid by the broker, not me.
I have some questions:
Is the portfolio transfer possible at all? Is the portfolio transfer a taxable event?
Do you plan to open an office in Romania in the future? (Maybe in this year or the next?)
Also, would it be possible to get an official response from someone from Trading212?

Hey, @kudorgyozo :wave:

In-specie transfers from and to XTB are supported. The portfolio transfer feature is currently available to 40% of our clients as we’re gradually rolling it out. We’re working hard to enable it for everyone else as soon as possible. Transfer events are usually not taxable.

It’s not within our near-term plans, but we’ll forward your suggestion :raised_hands:

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